Who you are
  • You have a fantastic product that you believe in or a compelling story to tell, but you need that little extra oomph to blow away your audience.
  • There is no place for the generic and conventional in your brand. You want to be original and authentic.
  • You run a business with heart. You’re passionate about what you do and don’t mind investing in your success.
What you need
  • Eye-catching graphics that will stop your customers in their tracks and have them raving about it on social media #lovethis!
  • Unique handcrafted images specifically tailored to your brand that convey a sense of the kind of business you run (e.g. fun, luxurious, trendy or handmade).
  • A professional who understands that great design is about more than with pretty pictures and helps you create a memorable experience.

If you answered "AMEN!" to any or all of the above, you've come to the right place!

left quote

From the moment I saw Esther’s work I knew she were perfect for the job. After discussing my requirements and vision for the illustrations with her, she put me at ease saying that she would only close the job if I were 100% satisfied by the work she submitted. My favorite part of working with her was that she kept in touch at all times to update me on the status of work and never failed to live up to her word. Esther is such a passionate and kind lady. To anyone looking to collaborate with her I wouldn’t need to say a thing – they would immediately learn themselves how thoroughly fantastic a person she is!

right quote

Anika Patel – Nior London

Some examples

What I could do for you


Chick-lit book cover

Blog header illustration

Illustrated fall collection for fashion magazine

Products & Packaging

Feminine stationery collection

Instructional illustrations for an eye shadow palette

Fashionable t-shirt designs

Promotion & Events

Fashion show flyer

Illustrations for social media

Live illustrations of your customers

Private commissions

Sketch of your beautiful wedding gown

Portrait of you and your pet

Illustration of your best friend as a gift

Fashion illustration surrounded by feminine accessories
Are you ready?

For illustrations that you can't stop looking at, or stop talking about