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Stylish iPhone cases for every occasion

Got butter fingers? We’ve got you covered! These protective iPhone cases will keep your precious baby safe from dirt, scratches and accidental falls. Choose any design from my curated collection with CASETiFY to complement your style.

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Two illustrated Apple iPhone cases falling

We're all a little clumsy sometimes

Your phone slips out of your hand, glides off a table, or falls out of your lap when you stand up to get out of the car. The #1 way most people damage their phone is by dropping it. In the US alone, people spend over $3 billion a year to fix their broken screens. How many of those screens could have been saved by a quality protective case?

"I can’t even recall how many times I dropped my phone, and my case saved it everytime! Not even a scratch. And my new case is so pretty :)"

— Sonia C.

Customer photo of Apple iPhone case with nail polish design

Which case is right for me?

You’ll want the Impact Case, or its more extreme cousin the Ultra Impact Case for military grade protection.

Engineered with a two-layer construction of qitech™ material, the Impact Cases are 6.6 ft. drop test approved.

Black bumper not really your style? Choose from a variety of different colors, including neon and iridescent!

Impact Apple iPhone Cases

The sleek profile of the Snap Case or Grip Case would be a good match for you.

The Snap Case is designed to be only 1.5mm slim. It features a raised lip to keep your screen safe at all times and a smooth, hard exterior to safeguard your iPhone from any minor scratches, drops and dust.

If you prefer a sturdy grip, the shockproof, dual-layer protection Grip Case is the one you want. Choose your favorite soft-touch bumper color to match your style. Available in Clear, Jet Black and Rose Pink.

Snap and Grip Apple iPhone Cases

If you want to be a little extra, the shifting colors of the Glitter Case and Neon Sand Case will set you apart from the crowd.

The Glitter Cases are made with 100% non-toxic mineral oil and materials. Available in silver, gold chrome, rose pink, unicorn pastels and glow in the dark colorways.

The mesmerizing Neon Sand Case comes in four super fun color combos, and glows in the dark to boot! Both the Glitter Case and the Neon Sand Case feature a bumper made of shockproof soft-touch TPU, so you can stay worry-free when it comes to dropping your phone.

Glitter and Sand Apple iPhone Cases

Conveniently carry your cash, cards and device all in the Wallet Case.

The Wallet Case features two convenient card slots for your cards and a full-length inner pocket for everything else. Plus, a handy spot to put your SIM card and SIM PIN for when you go overseas. The special lining of the case shields the RFID chips on credit and debit cards from being scanned.

Wallet Apple iPhone Case

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* Some case types may only be available to certain models.

Apple iPhone case with fashion design

Key features

Smartphone icon made by www.flaticon.com

Shock-proof design

You don't need a bulky case to keep your baby safe. All CASETiFY cases offer great protection, but if you want to be super safe, opt for the Impact case with military grade qitech material.

Flash absorbing camera bezel

We've been there, where your flash catches the case and your picture is bombed. The black camera corner ring absorbs that flash for even better photography.

Compatible with wireless chargers

All out of juice? No need to take off the case and look for your charger. Simply drop your phone on your wireless charging pad and walk away!