I’m Esther van der Drift, an illustrator and designer based in the Netherlands. I specialize in fashion, beauty and lifestyle illustration, drawing anything from runway models and portraits, to handbags, jewelry, food and florals.

My artwork is minimalist and feminine. I aim to capture beauty and emotion with simple lines and limited color palettes. For creating my work I favor a mixture of ink, watercolor and digital means to give it a clean yet authentic look.

I’ve been commissioned by various national and international brands over the past few years, creating artwork for advertising campaigns, online games, editorial and social media. I’ve illustrated for brands like Skylar Body, Nior London, Notbranded, ShinyStuff, Muscle Meat and Rabobank.

Before entering the world of illustration full time, I was a user experience designer. My job was to design interactive products that were pleasant for people to use, while ensuring that the business goals were also being met. The knowledge that I gained during this period informs both my illustration work and the way I connect with my clients today. I still create aesthetically pleasing images, but I never lose sight of the project goals.

Together with my two ragdoll cats Yuna and Maki I live in the relatively small city of Vianen. When I’m not at work in my home studio, I love to read, watch Netflix or play (video)games with friends.

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Esther’s fashion and beauty illustrations emulate simplicity and elegance that feel calming and edgy at the same time. From bold pops of colour to black-and-white ensembles, whether you want something soft or daring, you’ll surely find it here!

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Tisha Caedo, Clozette.co

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